Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2009

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The 2009 NFL preseason was one of the lowest points in sports journalism history. The media hounded Brett Favre as he seemingly changed his mind about retirement hourly. Every sports channel you flipped to had him in his butt-tight Wrangler jeans talking about his possible return. It was the NFL's version of reality TV, and it was dreadful. Favre's image as a Green Bay Packers gunslinger and iron man was officially put to rest as he completed his diva transformation. After months of shenanigans he eventually decided to come back to the NFL, but not with the New York Jets. He returned with the Minnesota Vikings, which in turn, infuriated Jets fans. He went on to enjoy one of the best seasons of his career on the field, but easily his worst off the field as his persona took a hit that he would never recover from.
After suffering a season-ending knee injury in the first game of the 2008 season, Tom Brady made his comeback. Defenses around the league were not too thrilled to have him back. The New England Patriots won the AFC East and took control of it once again after finishing second to the Miami Dolphins in '08.
2009 was the year that the National Football League officially revolutionized into a pass-oriented league. It was the year of the quarterback. The league set new passing records across the board. The following are all league records set in 2009: 10 QBs passed for more than 4,000 yards, 12 QBs threw for 25 or more TDs, five QBs had a passer rating over 100.0 and 111,583 net passing yards for the league. With so many QBs having breakthrough seasons in 2009, it’s only fitting that we rank the top five. These are the Top 5 quarterbacks of 2009:
Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2009

5Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

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Aaron Rodgers came out of Favre's shadow in 2009. This was the year he proved to all of Green Bay that the organization made the right decision when they let Favre walk. With no running game and a poor offensive line (he was sacked a league-high 50 times), Rodgers still had a great season. While Favre was doing very well in Minnesota, Rodgers was doing his part to make sure Packers fans were satisfied with the move (Favre's offseason circus also made it much easier for Green Bay to breathe easy). Rodgers threw for 4,434 yards (4th), 30 TDs (4th) and a 103.2 QB rating (4th). The Packers' future was in great hands with Rodgers.

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